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Rapture Dream or EMP?

This starts out odd. Im on the phone to a pet store asking a girl about a cockatoo bird. I hear the one on the phone say, as I ask, got any cockatoo birds? “Ohh, you want Lindzy! She can help you, that’s who you spoke to before. Let me put you on to her!

So, she does and Lindzy picks up, “Hiii! Yesss, we dooo have Cockatoos.” The other ladies in the background were saying to Lindzy, “Ohh you flirt! Isn’t that who you was flirting with last time on the phone!?”

I’m like, What in the world are they talking about!? I never called her for anything before. The other women laughed as Lindzy laughed and said to them, shhht! Stooop. Ok, yes, we have Cockatoos.

I suddenly heard air raid sirens as the ground shook as I could hear the same siren over the phone where she was. She was like, whaaat tha. I said, uhhg, I think I’ll call you back later! Air raid sirens are going off! She was like uhhh yeah!

We hung up as I saw a bright light high up into the sky as I thought ohhh my gawd. Russia is doing it! They are attacking us! I was running, trying to get underground to get away from a potential Nuke as I see this bolt of lightning come from a fierce bright light that went straight to the ground! As it did, I felt a strong wave of a wind coming as thought, nooo waaay. This can’t be a nuke attack! I then had an image of Putin’s face in my mind.

I felt it spread across all directions as people ran, trying to hide screaming as it went through I felt the wave go over me as I layed down somewhere but don’t remember.

When over, I got up and I honestly don’t recall if people around me were doing. I don’t remember. I suddenly woke up. I thought was this a dream of a rapture or an emp attack?

This happened 10/13/2016

Dated events

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Some things I’ve shared are dated and show others giving info on things others never knew took place.

Before you discount them, research it yourself. In some cases, the info is related to specific areas, not nationally or globally.

Prophecy of Mystery Babylon.

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See the video of this link I share, then see my dreams from 1995.

ULTIMATE ALERT about the FEMA Camps and New World Order in US (ROADS WILL BE CLOSED) 2016 pls share



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Dreams continued Sept. 28th 2015

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Dreams continued.

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Dreamt of being on a war torn Earth and it was dark and I was running with people as a survivor towards a train that was crashed as there was an open battlefield. I saw cities and smoke rising in the distance and saw giants of which were battling each other. They were about 30 feet tall. Recent discoveries have shown of bones actually human and put into museums of which are 30 feet tall. The bible talks about the giants of which made the people in the scripture …..feel like grass hoppers in comparison. I also know that it tells how the world will be as in the days of Noah during the last days. This is only one dream I had of these giants. I remember having to run through their fight to get to the train to find food and water. We had to run and not be seen by them and hide among the rocks as they were large enough to eat human beings. Read the book of Enoch.

Not sure of date but before 2014

Dreamt of being in a city at night and cars everywhere and people were crashing as they see huge people of which were causing damage to the city as well as chasing people and picking them up to eat them. Well, I’ve done research now since this dream about the giants of the Noah’s day and it is said they were cannibalistic and their appetites were ferocious.

Between 1995 and 2001

This is a dream i just recently remembered and was of Mars and that it was being shown as coming to life in some way. Another dream I had was as if I was there and seeing cities but I feel that my seeing also ufos in this dream, represents that this is some sort of demonic deception as the ufo/et phenomenon comes from…and to possibly lead people through a stargate to save them during some future world collapse scenario, and to claim Mars has been prepared for those who seek escape but maybe a worship of a new pharaoh like figure may take place to enter into that stargate of which, is no stargate but is instead, a sacrifice of that person or their entering into a hellish realm, not some other planet to save them.

Makes sense to me of a spiritual deception with a mass exodus to seek to be saved by who? By a lie. I have no clue if this dream means what I’m saying it means. But isn’t it ironic that NOW in 2015, videos are coming out of how there are entire cities on Mars that have been covered up and that they are now opening a stargate portal of which relates to apollo and shiva? and it’s logo is the number warned about in the bible of 666? ┬áJust seems to fit to my dream I had. I also dreamt of people who go to the pyramid or led by it…are entranced.

If the new world order is about the pyramid and all seeing eye of horus, well, horus relates to the god of war or horus, who is the son of the lord of the dead. anti-christ. Keeping in mind that the pharaoh was in direct defiance of the God of the bible and so too will be any related future or current religion that relates to the pyramid as well. These structures are energy devices that provided free energy to Egypt through water and gold and other metals. And the new age of anti-christ is to bring about a new aeon of the all seeing eye of horus, god of war according to the Egyptians take on Mars. Mars being brought to life, symbolizes also horus being brought to life. So, let’s see what happens in the near future!

Not sure of date but it was 2014 or 2015

Dreamt I was in a paradise with my wife and we were wearing all white and happy and people around us were wearing all white and everyone was very friendly and as if like family, waving and smiling and the land all around was spectacular. With rivers of blue that sparkled and clear. We suddenly ended up before the entrance of the New Jerusalem as I saw only the entrance and it felt massive and was glistening with crystals and other such materials I am unsure of but glistening bright. The dream ended. I then realized the scripture about the new Jerusalem in the bible that will be on the New Earth that the bible talks about that will be Heaven on Earth and ruled by the God of the bible.

I have not posted here on dreams for years but suddenly just had some recent ones I had to share as well as some others that I forgot about.

Dreamt of being in a city where it was darkness and there were cars driving off the road and people were screaming as they saw giants that were damaging

1995 & 2000 to 2014 Dreams

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Most of my dreams were from around 1995. Some were 2000. Some are present day.
Here’s another from 2000 time frame.
1.Dreamt of a gov. building surrounded by police dogs and military due to a virus threat.
A couple years later, one of our gov. buildings had an anthrax attack and this happened as it was in the news. They were trying to track down the virus threat.

2.People lining up for vaccinations for blocks.
Not long after this, people were lining up for vaccinations for virus protection. I forget what it was but it was in the news.

3.The dream I had of the flooding up to roof tops in California.
Not long after, there was news of flooding up to the roof tops in California.

4.Dreams of massive tornados hitting areas of which were hilly and grassy as I saw many of them and it was as if I was right there in the storm. I held tightly onto a tree to prevent from being blown away.
Not long after, we had a variety of multiple tornado hits in the Mid East states of which the land is hilly and mountainous.

5.Vision of four horsemen and the one in front had a bow with no arrows and three horsemen followed. I never knew at the time of this vision that the lead horseman held a bow with no arrows until I looked it up and someone told me that’s right, because the first horsemen does not conquer based on war but on diplomacy and hence the bow with no arrows.

6.Dreamt of angels sounding a trumpet during 9/11 and this was about 6 years before 9/11 as I saw two bridges over the bay and on the wide bridge, there were many people going and on the narrow, few people going and they were waving to me shouting, come on! Hurry, there is not much time left. When in the dream I tried to tell the people on the pier that those are angel trumpets, they were drunk with prostitutes and laughing and saying noooo those are just sirens going of, not angel trumpets. they laughed drunk and fell into bags of trash. I ran towards the narrow bridge after I saw the shadow of a dragon fall into NY city and smoke rise up with a woman come out of the city and she stood with the moon under her feet. The moon then turned into the face of the devil. Some say the moon god is the devil and the woman is in Rev.12 of which I did not know about before this dream that this is in the bible about the woman with the moon under her feet.
Then 9/11 happened 6 years later.

7.I dreamt of fallen angels manifesting upon the earth and the prince and power of the air telling his angels to go out and destroy all who do not worship him. These were not aliens but fallen angels. Before this dream, i did not know that the alien deception was in truth a demonic deception. Yet, today….we have the pope offering to welcome extra terrestrials? These are fallen angels as their leader is the prince and power of the AIR and wickedness in high places as well as principles and principalities. The atheist agenda of this phenomenon is meant to lead people to believe that they are our creators and seeded man kind here and that this is on ongoing deception. Watch Mel Gibson’s movie SIGNS and you’ll see he depicts them for what they are. Fallen angels. There are no aliens. And any good preacher will tell you the same.

8.My dream of the final battle. I was in the middle east and I was in the midst of the battlefield as I had a body but a spiritual body and there were jets flying over and explosions going off as well as bullets flying. I was being shot at and thought I was hit until I looked down to my body as well, felt NOTHING as it went right through me. I felt as if I was on the winning side and that these human soldiers were trying to fight us – being the spiritual body of the army of Christ. I believe this will happen in whatever degree. I feel maybe God is revealing through this dream the final battle against mankind possibly. Either way, I was not fighting anyone. I was just there as a spectator as an enemy to the Earth and those fighting Christ’s return.


9.Dreamt of standing at a corner of a home or apartment as I saw foreign troops dragging people from their homes. They were shooting the men in their yards on their knees and stripping the women and raping them. I was like, ohhh my gawd. Why is this happening! A voice in the dream said to me, she was an adultress and something about the man but can’t remember. And it was as if God in this dream was telling me this is what comes to those who do not care to repent of their sins and wicked ways. That God will send into a nation an enemy to take from the people of a nation who turns their backs on God. I then woke up.

10.Had a dream that there were military going through neighborhoods, telling people via loud speakers to go to their nearest high school or college for vaccinations. So, next scene, Its night and I’m at this high school and there are military there and they are enforcing vaccinatoins for a deadly outbreak. I tell my mother who is there with me who is holding a baby boy of mine. At the time, i was thinking, baby boy? I don’t plan on more children! And she had a bible in her other hand. I told her, something is not right here. Those who are telling people to get shots are not wearing protection. Then my mother was trying to leave the area as a helicopter shown its spot light on her and aimed at her and told her to return to the area or be shot. Within a couple years…i was re-married and had a baby boy. I was in the dream, telling my mother, the vaccines are bad, poisonous.

11.I was on a train with other people who were chained up and we were going to a detainment camp. I escaped as the train stopped and was off loading people. I saw two groups of people in two areas. Those who took the identifiction and those who did not. Those who did not take it were quiet and remained in detainment, those who took it were allowed to leave. I saw guard dogs and military guarding the people. I fled into the woods as I wanted to save them but couldn’t get to them. These camps had high fences with barbed wire around them and guard houses. like prisons.

There are now reported to be 600 fema camps in the USA with two rows of 10ft fences with barbed wire on them and guard houses like prisons.
When I woke up, I went to the place I dreamt about. A place I had never been to before in real life. It took me an hour to run to this location. by time I got there…there were train tracks. I thought ok, woe, this is too wierd. I had to sit down. I had never known there were train tracks to where I was running to. But in my dream, I was on a train with others. Hoping this will never happen.

12.Dreamt of in my home and I dreamt of waking up to the sound of vibrations from hokum russian military helicopters flying over our homes. I remember in the dream, looking out my window and seeing why are there all types of Soviet helicopters flying over our homes!

13.Next dream I had, I was a prisoner on one of these and a soviet soldier pressed my face against the window as he spoke in Russian and laughed and said, look at your homes now burning! Did you think we would not ever be able to take your homes and your nation? as he laughed. I saw other Americans as prisoners on this large transport helo. I asked to go to the restroom as the guard let me and I overtook him and his weapon as I knocked out the pilot and took over the helo but couldn’t control it and I crashed and then freed the people onboard that were prisoners.
America was being taken over from an enemy allowed in. Recently a Green Beret reported that 10,000 Russian troops are coming into America a week and are being trained here for NWO take over of America for martial law as American soldiers will not treat Americans like foreign soldiers nor will they disarm Americans like foreign soldiers will. This X green beret is real and he has videos on youtube about this. Here is the link.

14.Had a dream I was standing on the East coast and I saw a swarm of foreign military coming in by the sea and helos flying over me with sand blasting me in the face. this was such a vivid dream as I was in awe at the massive army coming by sea from various countries. I then saw a soviet plane flying fast and over the beach as it was shot at by our Navy and it crashed into a Navy base on top of a roof top. Sirens were going off and people were running as I was near a Navy base and people were freaking out totally about what was suddenly upon them. This was in 1995.

Apology Of Defense

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If I share something you are involved in that I’m sharing is FALSE Teachings or FALSE Religion, I challenge you to please FIRST not take offense but see WHY I have researched it to be FALSE and then do yourself a favor, rather than getting upset or taking it personally or lashing back, I challenge you to research the reasons why my videos or writing tells you that it is a FALSE religion and see why others term what you might feel is NOT false….to be a cult.

Religions are of the world and are created by men to 95% of the time mislead people from the bible and from Christ. Before you put your faith into ANY religion that was created by some other man or woman and you only follow it just because you were RAISED to follow it, I ask you to seriously reconsider and RESEARCH your religion DEEPLY! And it’s origin as well as its founder and who they were and do NOT just follow along blindly because your parents told ya so. Or your friend told ya so or whoever. But to put your faith more so in Jesus Christ vs man made religions and try to NOT cling to any one religion that was created in truth…… someone you never met nor knew and yet, you defend it and follow it because you were raised to do so. Think on your own and step back, pray about guidance and allow the Holy Spirit to open you up to the TRUTH of the religion of which you are in. Yes, most ALL religions are of the world and there are somewhere within each one of them false teachings. As even ONE false doctrine can cause a religion to be a FALSE religion!

And the problem is….99% of your religion may be right and may be what attracts people to it. But it’s that 1% false teaching or doctrine that the enemy of God will allow into it so to lead His people to insult Christ even with that one teaching. On the outside, it looks and feels PERFECT but this is how subtle the enemy works to lead God’s people astray. And even in some cases to seriously offend God even with 1 false doctrine. And that’s why you’re safer to simply follow the bible vs doctrines and traditions of men of ANY religion! And to not focus on what religious denomination you are. And or what that specific religion preaches that is different than others.

for example, one baptist church denies that the Holy Spirit gives gifts today and that these died out with the apostles. Well, that’s the same teachings as the Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as Catholics as well as Mormans and other cult religions. So, if your Baptist church teaches that there are no more tongues when yet, today, the church STILL needs edification by the speaking of tongues…then you’re denying the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And that in itself could be offending God. It is like claiming God’s gifts are now dead? Hmmmm really? I don’t think so! Yet, that’s what the cult religions are preaching and why? Cause they don’t want you to receive those gifts of the Holy Spirit….so, they deny they still exist.

Sadly, other Christian religions follow these same teachings??? Wow. Is praying in a way that only God understands no longer valid? NO. And that is why the gift of tongues for a prayer language to God is STILL VALID TODAY because praying to God in a mystery language as the bible tells us one of the gift of tongues is for…is not harmful. Yet, religions are teaching it is? So, praying in God’s language that only HE can understand is harmful? How so when the bible says this is something that exists when it comes to tonuges? Yet, religions will demonize tongue talking saved Christians if they happen to speak in tongues??? They are following doctrines of which are taught by KNOWN CULT RELIGIONS if they are following the teaching that the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT HAVE CEASED. They are calling God’s gifts DEAD??? Best reconsider that stand please if that is your religion!